My approach to helping athletes experience their fullest potential in life and sport is rooted within a science-practitioner model. I employ methods from empirically validated psychology, wisdom from eastern philosophy, systems from sport science theory, and the best practices from countless experienced mentors. I don’t have the key to excellence but firmly believe that my clients do and I focus on helping them discover it.


I have been a sport psychology and performance coach for over twenty years. My clients include USC Men’s and Women’s Golf, Oregon State, University of the Pacific, Long Beach State, Pomona College, PGA and LPGA touring professionals, highly ranked amateurs, Olympians, and elite junior players.

I am a full-time faculty in the Department of Kinesiology at Long Beach State teaching courses in Sport Psychology, Motor Learning, and Coaching

I am the author of The Performance Mindset: A Process-Oriented System for Golf Excellence

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