At the core of excellence in any domain is an effective system

This page of my website above all pages is where the work towards excellence is done. On it are avenues of practice including exercises, drills, activities, programs, and a system template. When I refer to “The System” I do so, not with the intent of suggesting there is but one (mine) specific way to reach your potential. The System is you. It is your way of being, doing, believing, planning, and executing in your pursuit. Less, a road map and more tour guide, my purpose with this page and my feedback is to provide light for the journey. To illuminate your discovery to create, improve, maintain, and surrender to a system.

The Flex-Mind Training System

At the center of enhanced mental functioning for peak performance are not internal states that come and go at the whim of outside forces. Confidence, positive thoughts, calmness are nice when they are present but not required to execute challenging shots under pressure. Nor, is it necessary to remove doubt, worry, anger, and fear in order to play high performance golf. What is required to play to one’s potential consistently is psychological flexibility. This is the learned ability to commit to controllable actions that will produce the best chances for success even while experiencing unpleasant, uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In any contest, the athlete with the flexible mind is going to have a competitive advantage over others with rigid mentalities. Flex-Mind training is a systematic approach to developing psychological flexibility and enhancing performance. Like any training system, learning is optimized by thorough and conscientious completion of the program components. This program consists of six, weeklong components, each with specific readings and assignments. It is recommended, for optimal effect, to follow the assignments as closely and consistently as possible.



Pre-Training Checklist

Week # 1: Understanding the Performer's Mind


Week # 1 Checklist

Week # 2: Cultivating Performance Awareness


Week # 2 Checklist

Week # 3: Becoming Wise


Week # 3 Checklist

Week # 4: Integration


Week # 4 Checklist

Week # 5: Complete Readiness


Week # 5 Checklist

Week # 6: Perform


Week # 6 Checklist

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